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The Asian Logistics Umbrella is an exclusive alliance of strong, well-established, highly-reliable, and like-minded independent freight forwarders in Asia. It offers its partners exclusive representation in each country and/or city, where they're located and/or maintains an office. A partnership with the ALU is by invitation only. You will never find two ALU partners in a single market. The ALU offers its partners support to any of its location/s across the whole of Asia.


The ALU's interest is to protect; to protect the interests of you and your clients. It is a non-profit and self-managed alliance. In the ALU, you pay no joining fees and your monetary investment is zero. Any investment in the ALU should be the time and the effort in providing and growing business relationships that mutually benefit the alliance. This is the culture and the essence of being part of the ALU. It prides itself in self-management by and for its partners, not by any other management company as is the norm with other networks.


The ultimate goal of the Asian Logistics Umbrella (ALU) is to ensure that its organization and its brand is recognized by all logistics associations and carriers. In today's industry there have been huge logistics acquisitions such as TNT's purchase of Sweden's Wilson Group and DHL's push towards dominance in the global air and sea cargo space. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized companies are left to becoming bit-part players pushed towards the outer margins. The ALU aims to bring its partners the benefits of working together and being big while allowing independence, flexibility, and maintining the personal touch that is lost as logistics operators go global.


The Asian Logistics Umbrella (ALU) makes a difference and is unlike any other group whose partners have found that their ambitions have been met by a host of obstacles that include: conflict of objectives of different partners, lopsided groupings where a certain partner/s dominates, inconsistent quality standards, inadequate systems for reliably monitoring and/or enforcing service performance levels, incompatible information technology, plus a lack of coordinated marketing. ALU partners are like-minded to realize common goals, bring about common grounds to be effective and to even the playing field with global standards.
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Board Of Directors

The revolutionaries that are driving the logistics sector to meet its challenges.

Ron Valkenburg (DL Logistics Group B.V.) - Chairman


Ron Valkenburg (DL Logistics Group B.V.)
Siddarth Goswami (Everfast Global Logistics) - Vice-Chairman


Siddarth Goswami (Everfast Global Logistics)
Meral Erbil (Cargo Movers GMBH) - Board Member

Board Member

Meral Erbil (Cargo Movers GMBH)
Margarita Santero (ICS Translink Phils., Inc.) - Board Member

Board Member

Margarita Santero (ICS Translink Phils., Inc.)
Ingo Buchner (Kukbo Logix) - Board Member

Board Member

Ingo Buchner (Kukbo Logix)

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